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Casa do Campo has been with the Meireles Pereira Leite Teixeira Coelho family since its foundation. Its origins go back to the 12th century, as it started out as part of a group of 29 farmhouses that established the Santo André de Molares Parish.

Throughout generations, the historical heritage around the building and its surroundings grew in such a way that Casa do Campo is considered today one of the “ex-Libris” of the region. A unique and fascinating atmosphere awaits you here, as the history of this manor-house in northern Portugal comes to life.


Dating back to the 17th century, the L-shaped house is considered to be a true Portuguese manor-house, sumptuous and austere, with big white bare walls and carved granite columns, from which an imposing stone tower stands out.

Its interior, elegantly furnished with pieces in the style of the Portuguese Discoveries period, suggests a secular atmosphere. Outside, a few meters away from the main building, you’ll find an amazing 18th century portal, crowned by a cross and pyramidal pinnacles, remarkably built with a technique rarely seen in granite.

Main entrance
Front of the house
The main Saloon
The "Mushroom" Garden
The family
Old room
Piano in the main saloon
Strawberry Vases
The dinning (and breakfast) table
The Chapel
Corner in the "Mushroom" Garden
View over The N.S. Graça Sanctuary
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