Specialists say that the oldest camellia tree in Portugal, with approximately 250 years old, blooms in the Casa do Campo gardens, and that this is one of the only places in the world where these trees form arches and alleyways.

It is said that this Baroque style garden was built around the 18th century, and one of its most peculiar aspects is its unusual location: it is placed at a higher level above the grounds of the house, isolated on the front side and reachable through the first floor.

The garden is crossed by a unique and graceful set of pathways of box-trees and trimmed camellias that carry you to different atmospheres. Through these alleyways you’ll find stone tables, fountains and a pond surrounded by cylinders, rings, sunshades, arches and camellia cupules. It is for this combination of singularities that this is one of the most artistic gardens in the north of Portugal.


Casa do Campo – Molares

4890-414 Celorico de Bastos


Gabriela Meireles - + 351 96 707 90 75


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